¿Debería Oregón cambiar su bandera?

Esta semana ha sido presentada en el Senado de Oregón una propuesta para modificar la bandera del estado.

Should Oregon change its state flag?

Contributor: Jennifer Meacham

GRESHAM, Ore. -- One of the longtime symbols in Oregon could, depending on how you look at it, soon have a face lift or be unrecognizable.
A bill to change the flag design was introduced in Oregon's legislature this past week. It's called Senate Bill 473.
And it's a Gresham man who's heading up the charge.
Supporters of a flag makeover say that, when the current flag was designed in 1925, not much thought was given to the design. Now Matt Norquist, a driver for UPS in southeast Portland and an avid vexillologist, is putting some thought into changing it.
"I don't think people get goose bumps when they see the Oregon state flag," Norquist said. "I think a good flag can unite people, can inspire people."
Here's Norquist's design (see more in KOIN's interview with Norquist):

Norquist says there are 20 other flags very similar to Oregon's current flag, all with a blue background and state seal. With Norquist's design, the beaver moves from the back of the flag to the front and the word "Oregon" disappears altogether. Note that many states don't have a name on their flag.
Meanwhile, comments on this story have started coming into the KOIN newsroom. One person, who says they're related to the homestead family of Sandy, Ore., calls changing the flag "a crime."
"[I]t meant a lot to the people who came over those mountains, with what little they had, and [who] survived the cold winters," Jacque McCormick said. "That flag has the wagon train picture on it. That is how we got here..."
KOIN's Web poll asks if you're in favor of Oregon getting a new flag. As of Friday night, 48 percent of respondents said "Yes." Fewer, at 47 percent, said "No."
You can still vote on this poll; you'll find the poll to the left. Once your vote is entered, you'll be shown the new percentages


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