Después de 155 años, la bandera de Nueva Escocia es reconocida oficialmente

La provincia canadiense de Nueva Escocia ha  aprobado oficialmente su bandera, que venía usándose desde 1858 sin sanción legal. Ha sido un niño de 11 años quien ha dado lugar a esta iniciativa, tras descubrir este vacío legal cuando estaba realizando un trabajo de clase y contactar con su representante parlamentario.

After waving for 155 years, Nova Scotia flag finally confirmed

By Nadine Kalinauskas

Nova Scotia's white and blue flag was first created in 1858.

It has never been officially recognized as the provincial flag until now, and it's all thanks to a young student.

Eleven-year-old Regan Parker, a student at Fanning Education Centre in Canso, Nova Scotia, was working on a heritage project when she learned that her province's 155-year-old flag had never been officially recognized. She contacted Jim Boudreau, her local MLA, who then sought the help of researchers at the Legislative library, CBC News reports.

"We checked with the executive council, leg library, Communications Nova Scotia, and so on, and in fact, it had never been recognized as the official flag," Boudreau said.

"I’ve always tried to encourage students to do independent research, to look at things and to, you know, not just take things at face value so this was, this was very nice to see happen," he added.

On Tuesday, Boudreau introduced a bill, the Provincial Flag Act, to confirm the flag as the official flag of Nova Scotia. The bill's third and final reading is set for today.

No word on the final grade for Parker's school project — but we're assuming she got an A.

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