Nueva bandera para la ciudad de Birmingham (Reino Unido)

La ciudad inglesa de Birmingham ha elegido su bandera oficial a través de un concurso público. El diseño elegido es obra de dos muchachos de 11 años, Thomas Keogh y David Smith, y presenta un fondo rojo cargado con una cabeza de toro amarilla, y dos triángulos azules al asta separados del resto del paño por una línea amarilla en zigzag.

La línea en zizag representa tanto una "B", la inicial del nombre del municipio, como una "M", el numeral romano para 1.000, aludiendo al sobrenombre de Birmingham como "La ciudad de los mil comercios". La cabeza de toro hace referencia al Bull Ring Market, el mercado que existe en el corazón geográfico, económico e histórico de la ciudad.

Bully for Birmingham: People's flag competition winner announced

Birmingham has a new official flag inspired by the Bullring and our reputation as the ‘city of a thousand trades’ following a public vote.

The new community flag will represent the city around the world and is freely available to businesses, residents and souvenir manufacturers to use and show their pride in Birmingham.

The red, yellow and blue design by 11-year-old Thomas Keogh and David Smith was the clear winner from a shortlist of six published earlier this year .

It features the bull from the Bullring and a yellow abstract letter B for Birmingham - which on its side doubles as a Roman numeral ‘M’ for 1,000 which represents the city of a thousand trades.

Former Lord Mayor Mike Leddy launched the design competition earlier this year because he believed the city needs a community flag which would be owned by the people.

By contrast the city’s civic flag, flown from public buildings, is jealously guarded by the council with permission to use it rarely given.

Coun Leddy (Lab, Brandwood), who chaired the Birmingham flag project, said: “We had 470 entries for this competition and shortlisted six designs.

“After six weeks of voting, we can now reveal that the winning design, with 3,697 votes and a clear majority, was created by 11 year old Thomas Keogh and David Smith and I congratulate them both.

“I hope this flag will help to instil civic pride in this wonderful city. The flag design is now registered and is available online for anyone to download for free.”

Coun Leddy said he was keen on the idea as, during his year as Lord Mayor, he received guests from afar who had flags to exchange but did not have one to hand back.

Thomas Keogh designed the flag during lessons at Castle Bromwich School. He said he felt 'very proud' to see his flag flying high above Victoria Square.

"We knew we couldn't write anything and it has to be simple. So I wanted a B for Birmingham and the Bullring, which is also the M for the city of a thousand trades and the Bullring."

Council leader Sir Albert Bore added: "It's very good. I'm very pleased that the competition engaged youngsters and schools throughout the city."
Birmingham Mail


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