Corea del Sur: Bandera de la Dinastía Chosun regresa tras 136 años

Artículo en inglés sobre la devolución a Corea del Sur de una bandera capturada por tropas de los Estados Unidos en 1871, durante la conocida como "Guerra de las 48 Horas"

Chosun Dynasty Flag Returns After 136 Years
The flag of General Eo Jae-yeon (1823-1871), the garrison commander of Ganghwa Island during the latter years of the Chosun Dynasty, has returned home 136 years after it was captured by American troops. The flag was taken as a war trophy after American forces seized the island during the U.S. Expedition to Korea in 1871, or Shinmiyangyo.
The Cultural Heritage Administration said that the U.S. agreed to loan the flag to Korea for a maximum of 10 years over five renewable two-year terms. The flag, which had been kept at the U.S. Naval Academy Museum in Maryland, arrived in Korea on Friday.
Gen. Eo led a contingent of 600 soldiers and was killed battling U.S. Navy sailors and marines at Gwangseong Garrison on Ganghwa Island. The battle for Gwangseong Garrison of Shinmiyangyo, called the 48-Hour War in the U.S., left some 430 Korean soldiers dead and 20 captured, and three Americans dead and 10 wounded.
The 4.5 meter square flag is believed to be made of a hemp or cotton cloth, and is of great value to military research. The CHA will display it first at the National Palace Museum of Korea in March and later at the Incheon Metropolitan City Museum.


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