La bandera kuwaití cuenta historias que datan del siglo XVII

En este artículo se relata la historia y el significado de la bandera nacional de Kuwait.

Kuwaiti flag tells story dating from 17th century ‘White our deeds …’

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 16, (KUNA): The flag of the State of Kuwait in current form and with its four colors was adopted on Nov 24, 1961; it entails a lot of symbolic significance that date back to the 17th century.
The idea of the flag originates with Safyeddin Al-Helli, a 17th century poet, who wrote: “White our deeds, black our positions, green our pastors, red our past,” said Ahmed Ben Bargas - a Kuwaiti historian — in statements to KUNA on Sunday.
In 1746, during the era of late Amir Sheikh Abdullah I Ben Sabah, the Kuwaiti ships, mainly based in the western shores of the Arabian Gulf, used to hoist what was called ‘Al-Salimi Flag’ — red one with a white serrated ribbon.
The flag was replaced by the Ottoman flag in 1871 which remained in place until 1914, Ben Bargas revealed.
The harassments by the Ottoman navy that targeted the Kuwaiti vessels during the rule of late Amir Sheikh Abdullah II Ben Sabah in quest for high customs fees forced changing the flag.
After sealing a protection treaty with Britain in 1899, the Kuwaitis started consultations to choose a replacement to the Ottoman flag, he pointed out.
The endeavor came to the fore as the Ottoman Empire started fading away, the World War I erupted, and the Kuwaiti vessels hoisting the Ottoman flag were targeted by the British navy.
After ‘Al-Rasif’ (the pier) battle in 1901, the British government blocked the bid by the Sheikh Mubarak Al-Sabah to adopt a new flag on the grounds that the move could herald an early declaration of independence and contradicted the provisions of the protection treaty.
In 1903, the British Viceroy of India and Foreign Secretary Lord Curzon of Kedleston visited Kuwait and met Sheikh Mubarak. The two men agreed on a new flag for Kuwait to replace the Ottoman one; it was red and carried the phrase “We rely on God.” In July, 1905, Kuwait got a new flag carrying a crescent and a star which was replaced in September, 1906 by another one carrying the name of Kuwait in white bold Arabic letters. On Sept 14, 1914, Sheikh Mubarak adopted the first official national flag of Kuwait, it was in a red triangle form with the name of the country in the middle; it remained in place until Nov 23, 1961, Ben Bargas recalled.
In March, 1940, Kuwait Amir Sheikh Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah adopted four flags concurrently; two of them had serrated edges, the third carried the phrase “No God but Allah; Mohammad is the Messenger of Allah” and the fourth had the name of Kuwait.
On June 19, 1961, late Amir Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah revoked the protection treaty signed with Britain in 1899 and announced Kuwait a fully sovereign state.

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