Un miembreo del parlamento de Kirguistán propone cambiar la bandera nacional

Karganbek Samakov, miembro de la facción parlamentaria Ata Meken, ha propuesto cambiar la bandera nacional de Kirguistán, alegando que el azul es un color más arraigado en la tradición kirguís que el rojo. Además, propone que la bandera incluya elementos de la cultura kirguís como las montañas, el águila dorada y siete estrellas, ya que el siete es un número de perfección para este pueblo.

Kyrgyzstan’s MP offers to change the state flag
05/03-2011 08:50, Bishkek – 24.kg news agency , by Aizada KUTUEVA, Darya PODOLSKAYA

Member of Ata Meken parliamentary faction offers to change the state flag as Karganbek Samakov reported to 24.kg news agency.

He said that state symbols were always matter of great importance. “Nobody should make light of their importance. Since the old days Kyrgyz styled the flag ‘blue banner’ (kok asaba). The blue color of the flag symbolized eternal heaven, pure water. Many associate the present flag with blood. The tunduk (hole in the center of yurt’s roof) is surrounded by sunbeams, looking like flame. So, it looks like the country is embraced with fire. Maybe this is a cause of our revolutions, ongoing riots in the country and chaos?”

The parliament member Karganbek Samakov noted that flag’s color has to be replaced by blue and depict national symbols such as mountains, golden eagle and seven stars on its cloth. “Mountains symbolize entity, aspiration for growing heavenward. Golden eagle is symbolic of power of people, greatheartedness and sagacity. It symbolizes freedom, independence, pursuing aim, flight to the future. Thus, young sovereign Kyrgyzstan has to seek for peaks of world civilizations. Kyrgyz always considered number 7 to be a sign of perfection. Kyrgyzstan had reason to have 7 provinces,” emphasized Karganbek Samakov.

According to him, there is still no developed national ideology in the republic. “In this connection I offer to discuss this issue with initiative citizens to express their point of view and give recommendations.”

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