El grupo Hizbul Islam no pretende cambiar la bandera somalí

Ante las recientes declaraciones del grupo Al-Shabaab en el sentido de que tiene la intención de reemplazar la bandera nacional somalí por otra negra con una inscripción islámica, otro de los grupos insurgentes, Hizbul Islam, ha mostrado su desacuerdo.

Somalia: Hizbul Islam has no issue with Somali flag

A Hizbul Islam official says his group has no issues with the country’s blue flag and would not recognise the Al-Shabaab imposed black one.

Sheikh Mohammed Ma’alin Ali, Hizbul Islam’s Press Secretary said the black flag represent a particular group and not the whole country.

“Each group can have its own flag, we only recognise the blue flag as the national flag and nobody can't change it except the agreed government,” he told reporters, adding that his group is not aware of any agreement that will change the flag.

Sheikh Ali said his group would not change the national flag with their flag like the Al-Shabaab group.

Al-Shabaab has recently vowed to replace the Somali flag with its black flag, which has an Islamic emblem.

On December, Hizbul Islam fighters stormed a school in the IDP area of Elasha Biyaha and lowered the somali flag, replacing with group's flag.


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