Tokelau tiene nuevos símbolos

En el pasado mes de mayo la isla neozelandesa de Tokelau ha adoptado nuevos símbolos. Sólo falta que la decisión sea notificada al Gobierno de Nueva Zelanda y a la Reina para que entre en vigor oficialmente.

1.1 Hoorayyyyyyyyy! At last, we have our own national symbols! In its May 2008 sitting, the General Fono finally decided on Tokelau's national symbols. The General Fono considered recommendations on the flag, symbol and national anthem. A decision was made in regard to the flag and the national symbol as shown below. While this is a landmark decision, our legal team has advised that the Government of New Zealand needs to be formally notified of the decision. The Queen as the Head of State of the Realm of New Zealand will also need to be advised. While this might take some time, the request from the legal team is to await all formalities to be finalised before we can actually use or convey this decision to the Tokelau communities overseas.

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really this is a flag??? what the crap is this shit!!! it's an horrible pile of blue and yellow bullshit