Concurso para cambiar la bandera de Oregón

Un periódico ha organizado un concurso para cambiar la bandera del estado de Oregón, la única del país que tiene un diseño distinto en el anverso y el reverso.

Oregonian holding state flag redesign contest

PORTLAND -- Does Oregon's flag need updating?

The Oregonian newspaper thinks so and is holding a redesign contest to recognize 150 years of statehood.

Now is as good a time as any to reconsider the flag’s design, the newspaper says.

Elmer’s Flag Shop owner Mike Hale has been asked to join the paper’s judging committee.

The flag shop is famous for its numerous flags of all shapes and sizes, including the tried and true Oregon blue.

Hale says Oregon's flag is one of the few that has a different symbol on the back, a yellow beaver. An updated design would save money by eliminating the backside.

“This is going to bring controversy and I've had calls already from people,” Hale said.

Some Oregon State University fans apparently believe it’s a conspiracy by Ducks fans who want to get rid of the beaver.

“I assured (a caller) that’s not the reason,” Hale said.

The Oregonian will accept design suggestions on a 3-by-5 card until next month.

Judges will then narrow the list to 10 potential winners and viewers will vote.

The winning entry will go the state Legislature.

But do lawmakers have the desire to take up a redesign? That remains to be seen.

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