La bandera oficial de las Artes Marciales Mixtas

MMA World Industries, LLC ha dado a conocer el diseño de la bandera oficial de las Artes Marciales Mixtas, un deporte de contacto que mezcla técnicas de distintas artes de combate personal.

The Official Flag of Mixed Martial Arts is finally released
November 03, 2008

Portland, OR (MMD Newswire) November 3, 2008 -- MMA World Industries, LLC is proud to unveil the Official Flag of Mixed Martial Arts. Never before has one symbol in sports been more important to a group who want to be accepted. The flag symbolizes the exact principles of the sport, lifestyle, and culture. Pride, Honor, and Respect.

The dynamic roots of MMA are tracked to 648 B.C. in early Olympic Games where Pankration athletes and spectators would gather as two men would battle to become the victor. Since then, there have been many transformations in this type of competition. Never, until today, has there been one recognized symbol that proudly represents MMA.

Ironically, the unveiling and release comes ever so close to the presidential election that has a man that almost buried the MMA sport of today. By 1997 Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., had spearheaded a movement that banned Pay-Per-View UFC Events in every state across America. MMA was said to be “barbaric” and “not a sport.” MMA was lost.

Now that the sport has become the fastest growing sport in America, one can ask, did John McCain hurt or help the sport? Through many rule changes and brilliant promoting by large MMA organizations, the sport is now here to stay.

The Official MMA Flag will be nationally showcased on the vs. channel Wed. Nov. 5th at the WEC event in Florida. Chael Sonnen will be representing MMAflag.com logos and flag into the ring while competing to win the 185lb. world title. The MMA Flag has also been unveiled in Oregon, and Missouri at the International M-1 Global Challenge.

The Official Flag of MMA will be the next step needed for mainstream acceptance. Be Proud….

For more information about The Official MMA Flag visit www.officialmmaflag.com / www.mmaflag.com / or call 503.330.2498

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