La bandera más grande hecha con monedas

Un coreano de 68 años ha creado una bandera de su país hecha con 110.000 monedas de 10 won.

Largest flag made out of coins-world record set by Jin Jeong-gun

SEOUL, Korea -- A six by four meter Korean flag made completely out of 10 won coins, created by Jin Jeong-gun, 68, who used 110,000 coins that were collected over 14 years sets the world record for the Largest flag made out of coins.
Jin Jeong-gun started to work on the world record flag in October 2007, and it took him four months to complete.
The Largest flag made out of coins was first accepted by the Korea Record Institute in April last year.
Mr. Jin was orphaned during the 1950-53 Korean War, and after dropping out of primary school, went through numerous jobs including sewing, tailoring and selling hardware. It was a life that taught him thrift and diligence.
On one occasion Mr. Jin showed his gratitude to an electrical goods producer who had hired him, despite his lack of education, by donating three buses to the firm. He had bought them with savings of 60 million won that he had earned selling recyclable goods.
One day in June 1995, Mr. Jin was struck by the realization that people don't bother to pick up 10-won coins on the street. That was when he decided to collect the pieces and assemble them into a pagoda.
The 2001st and 2002d coins that finished the pagoda were donated from the Blue House, by President Kim Dae-jung and the first lady Lee hee-ho.
In the end he donated the pagoda to Seoul Bank.
"I wanted to show people that even 10-won coins can make up something valuable when you accumulate them," he said. He opened a savings account with 10 won at Seoul Bank.
The next day Mr. Jin deposited 20 won, and then 30 won the day after. Each day he increased the deposit amount by 10 won. Employees at the bank thought at first that Mr. Jin was playing some sort of joke, but they were impressed to see him coming into the bank at 10 a.m. every morning.
His daily deposits exceeded 20,000 won, and his bank balance stood at 21.7 million won.
Jin said he will donate the coins to the Korea Welfare Foundation for children.

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