Es hora de una nueva bandera para Manitoba

Algunos miembros del National Democratic Party (NDP) han expresado la necesidad de que la provincia canadiense de Manitoba adopte una nueva bandera, ya que la actual es un desfasado símbolo de los tiempos del colonialismo británico y además resulta dificil de distinguir de la de otra provincia, la de Ontario.

Time for a new Manitoba flag, say grassroots NDPers

Manitoba's provincial flag is an outdated symbol of British colonialism and needs to be changed, say some members of the NDP.

They are putting forward a resolution calling for a new flag, to be debated at the provincial party's annual convention next month.

Sean Robert, the man behind the resolution, said the impetus is the need for a distinctive banner to better identify the province. Manitoba's flag is often confused with Ontario's flag, he said.

"There's very little difference between what we have and our fellow Canadians to the east of us have for a flag. So, we look almost exactly alike," said Robert, who represents the NDP's Riel constituency association in south Winnipeg.

"I really kind of feel it's almost like Ontario's a bit of a big brother, in terms of symbols. And really, I think we need our own independent symbol to really show what Manitoba's all about."

Both the Manitoba and Ontario flags resemble the Red Ensign used as Canada's flag prior to the creation and adoption of the present maple leaf design in 1965. Both flags feature the Union Jack in the upper left quarter and a shield with a coat of arms in the centre-right.

Even the shields are similar, topped by a red St. George's Cross and featuring a green background. The only difference is the Manitoba coat of arms contains a bison and the Ontario version has three golden maple leaves.

The upcoming convention is the perfect time to proudly assert Manitoba's identity, particularly as the province is one of the few regions of the country not buckling under the weight of the economic downturn, Robert said.

"This would be a really good chance [because] Manitoba's really now at the forefront of economic growth," he said.


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tribuno sertorio dijo...


esta noticia se asocia con la que colgó hace unos meses sobre la horrorosa bandera de Oregón. Realmente hay banderas que parecen como de compromiso y que luego de mantienen (Kentucky, montana, etc). una pregunta: ¿sabe algo del concurso para la bandera de oregon?

Marcos V Mazzotti dijo...

y el búfalo dificil de reproducir, supongo