Concurso para elegir la nueva bandera de Irak

El Parlamento iraquí ha convocado un concurso para elegir la bandera nacional que sustituya a la que se aprobó a comienzos de este año con caracter provisional.

Iraq opens contest to design new flag
BAGHDAD (AP) — Iraq has announced a competition to design a new national flag and is calling on Iraqis and artists and designers inside and outside of the country to take part.
Lawmaker Mufeed al-Jazairi announced the competition on Tuesday. He says interested people have until the end of September to submit their designs.
Al-Jazairi says a committee will select three designs to be presented to the parliament, which will vote on a new flag by the end of this year.
Earlier this year, Iraq's parliament voted to strip the three green stars of Saddam Hussein's toppled Baath party from the country's flag. But parliament kept the script of "Allahu Akbar," or "God is Great" in green.

Associated Press

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