Confunden la bandera de Macedonia con la del Tibet

Agentes de seguridad chinos confundieron con banderas del Tibet las enseñas de Macedonia colgadas en el balcón de su apartamento de la Villa Olímpica por un atleta de esa nacionalidad.

Macedonian flag confuses Chinese Security Officials
Saso Popovski competing in single kayak discipline was the first Macedonian to arrive at the Beijing Olympic village.
The first thing Saso did was displayed two large Macedonian flags from the balkony of the Building B6.
The flags were noticed by Chinese Security Officials who mistook them for the Tibet Flag. Tibet is a Chinese province which became independent in 1913, however became part of People's Republic of China in 1951. China has made clear it wont allow any political messages displayed by neither national teams nor fans.
Popovski got a knock on his door.
- "I was surprised to see security at the door. I had put the flags out as soon as I settled in the apartment. The security asked me to take the flags down, however, I refused and told them they are Macedonian flags. The International Olympic Committee got involved and explained to the Chinese, the flags are not Tibetan flags. The security people were very embarrassed and apologized dozen times. I went to protest to the IOC Office, but they didn't know what to say, at the end it was too funny.” concluded Saso.

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