Hallada una bandera de la época de Lincoln

En Hartford, Connecticut, ha sido hallada la bandera que decoraba el palco en que se encontraba el presidente Abraham Lincoln cuando fue asesinado.

Lincoln's flag found in Hartford

by News Channel 8's Alan CohnPosted July 4, 20086:00 PM
Hartford (WTNH) _ A long forgotten flag was discovered at the Connecticut Historical Society and it dates back to the days of President Abraham Lincoln.
Dr. Susan Schoelwer from the Connecticut Historical Society says a handwritten note accompanied the flag inside a simple black box.
"You know we have a lot of stuff with a lot of little notes on them. Some of them are true and some of them are not," Susan said.
In this case the note claims that the tattered American flag was present at a traumatic event in American history and the hand of a great leader was clutching the flag in his final moments.
"There are 35-stars on this flag so that tells us it is a Civil War era flag," Susan explained.
Like a detective Dr. Schoelwer investigated. The trail took her to Washington and culminated in a moment that every historian would relish. It was the moment she confirmed the flag was used to decorate the presidential box the night President Lincoln took his wife to Ford's theater.
According to news accounts, Lincoln was grasping the flag the moment he was shot by John Wilkes Booth.
Susan says the flag made its way to Hartford. "In the late 19th Century there was a interior decorator here in Hartford and his name was Edgar Yergason," she explained.
Yergason was a Civil War veteran and collector who happened to do some work at the White House. After his death, his son donated the flag to the Historical Society.
The Historical Society is planning to put the Lincoln flag back on public display sometime early next year.


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