¿Quién hizo la primera bandera de Pakistán?

Zahoorul Hassan, hijo de Altaf Hussain, ha declarado en una rueda de prensa en Karachi que fue su padre quien confeccionó la primera bandera de Pakistán, y no su tío Afzal Hussain. La autoría de este último fue reconocida formalmente por el antiguo Primer Ministro Nawaz Sharif.

Who made Pakistan’s first flag, Afzal or Altaf?
By Jamil Khan

KARACHI: Once again the controversy of who stitched the first Pakistani flag was brought into the light when Zahoorul Hassan, the son of Master Altaf Hussain, in a press conderence at Karachi Club on Thursday, claimed that is father and not his uncle, Master Afzal Hussain, stitched the first Pakistani flag after the announcement of Partition in June 1947. Master Afzal Hussain was formally recognized by former premier Nawaz Sharif, as the person who stitched Pakistan’s first flag.
Barrister Samin Khan accompanied Zahoor, who lives in Hyderabad, at the press conference.
Zahoor stated that his cousins distorted the facts behind the story and deliberately stated that their father had stitched the flag, thus being awarded and recognized by former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in 1996.
“I raised this issue many times in the past but no government after 1996 was interested in giving the rightful status to Master Altaf Hussain’s family,” he said.
Zahoor brought his fathers belongings to the press conference, including his father’s All India Muslim League National Guards identity card and the photograph taken by an American photographer of Master Altaf stitching Pakistan’s national flag in his New Delhi shop. Demanding that the present government should conduct a fair inquiry on the matter, he said that it should also give Master Altaf’s family the appropriate status on a national level.
Earlier, Barrister Samin Khan narrated his own story of how he and Margaret Bourke White, an American photographer working for Life magazine, witnessed Altaf stitching the Pakistani flag at Master Altaf Hussain’s New Delhi shop on June 3 1947.
“All India Muslim League Secretary General Nawabzada Liaquat Ali Khan summoned me to accompany the American photographer who wanted to take pictures of different parts of Delhi,” said Barrister Samin adding that when they reached Master Altaf Hussain’s shop, White photographed Master Altaf stitching the flag. “The pictures were published in the Life magazine’s edition printed on Aug 18 1947, this proves Zahoorul Hassan’s claim,” he said.
Saying that Tehreek-e-Pakistan Karkunan gave a gold medal to Master Altaf Hussain who died in 1967, he stated that the current government should do the same.

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